The Objective is Happiness

A powerful force is at work in your life now! This force is infinite power, and unlimited resource. Nothing in your life is more closely related to, or involved, with you! This force is freely available. The requirement for your success is your awareness and attention!

The "Objective" is meant to be more fun, more informative than anything else you've read, and useful. Above all useful! Always keep the objective in mind.

As a practical guide the book explains how things come into out lives. You will be amazed at the simplicity with which you create circumstances in your life! Failure is easy. Success is easier. To have more good, all you need do is pay attention and exercise some discipline in focus and feeling. How and what to pay attention to is in these pages. This is an education in obtaining results.

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An Evening with Thomas Wakefield in Your City

An Evening with Thomas Wakefield in Your City

In Your City. Learn the Mechanics of Success and How Anyone Can Apply them for Consistent Results! In this training you will learn the simple components needed to create life's desires...

  • Price: $79.00

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life coaching for results, with Tom. The basics are the basics and translate into success with money, in business, health, fitness, wellness, dating, relationships of all sorts and personal transformation.

  • Price: $400.00